Islington's Neighbourhoods

A New Way of Connecting at Islington

Who Is in Your Neighbourhood?
A New Way of Connecting at Islington

Neighbourhoods. What thoughts come to mind when you say that word? Belonging? Connected? Caring for common space and for one another? Mr. Rogers?
The Oxford Dictionary defines a neighbourhood as “a district or community within a town or city.” Our congregation is like the “city or town” and we are geographically all in neighbourhoods. Some near – some farther away. “Good neighbourhoods” are positive words that describe something we all yearn for. A good neighbourhood doesn’t just happen. It takes intentional acts of caring. A good neighbourhood has fun together, knows who their
neighbours are, watches out for newcomers, pays attention when someone is ill, and celebrates milestone events.
Islington United is a collection of neighbourhoods—a loving church that brings us all together to grow our faith and care for one another. But, as a whole, we are very big and, especially for newcomers, it can take a while before you feel connected and feel you truly belong.
Our Elders and Belonging Team have been seeking new ways to help connect with a busy and changing congregation. One-on-one home visits work for some and will continue, but for many, travel, busy schedules, and Elders who have retired, has meant that not everyone feels connected. A suggestion made a while back was to look at our church as a collection of smaller neighbourhoods based on where we live and travel to Islington United from. Many of us live close by and some of us have moved further away but continue to see Islington as our church home.
As a collection of 12 neighbourhoods, we believe that it will be easier to welcome newcomers warmly and help them find their way and make their spiritual home at Islington United. It will also be easier to look after one another. It is in caring for one another that we are continuing to do the work that Jesus began in his neighbourhood.
We want to be sure that everyone is included in this great new adventure in caring. We will be putting up maps in the Stewart East Hall over the Advent period and encourage you to find your neighbourhood by postal code. We are planning some fun events to bring us together.

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