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Islington United Church has over 60 groups which service the needs of our Church, our Community and our foreign missions. As part of our thriving congregation you will have an opportunity to explore your faith, provide care for those in need, get involved in one of our Outreach Ministries and worship with us in communal services. You can sing in a choir, plant vegetables in our organic garden, study the bible, attend interesting lectures, help at a food bank or simply join us for some fun-filled Christian fellowship at one of our many social events. Take a moment to review the array of groups which make Islington such a vibrant Christ-centered community. As well, you will also find additional information about specific service opportunities in the Get Involved section of our site.

Christian Fellowship

Christian fellowship and hospitality are important parts of church life at Islington. Whether it’s our Coffee Hour, a time of fellowship after each Sunday Morning service, a special celebration such as our annual Turkey Dinner, our pre-Lenten Shrove Tuesday pancake supper, our Annual meeting luncheon or more elegant affairs there are always opportunities to meet and socialize with others within our Church. This is possible because of our exceptional Hospitality Committee who spend countless hours in our church kitchens making Islington a place of true Christian hospitality.  

We also have several special interest groups within our church where you can play bridge with our Bridge Club, curl on Islington’s Curling Team or join singles and couples for one of our many social events hosted by Islington’s Good Company. Our You Group Fitness class is dedicated to helping people develop a healthier lifestyle while enjoying the fellowship and encouragement of others.

United Church Women (UCW) groups (Jubilee Unit and Priscilla Village Unit) are also an option where women come together for fellowship, faith exploration and special projects. Come join us at any of our Christian Fellowship events and enjoy lively discussion, great people and loads of fun.

You can learn more about our Christian Fellowship opportunities by visiting Christian Fellowship under the Get Involved tab of this site or by clicking on the name of any group for more information.

Care Ministries

Islington United is a caring Church with members who bring comfort and support to those in need. We have a Visitation Ministry that reaches out to our homebound elderly in their homes, seniors residences and hospitals, Caring Friends, a dedicated team of Church members who provides hot meals and other assistance to those recovering from an illness, accident, operation or other difficult times and our Tape Ministry who provide audio tapes of Church sermons to those unable to attend. (Note: You can also listen to Sermons at our website by visiting the Sermons and Annoucements Archive). 

Our Healing Ministry team provide prayers and comfort to those in need after most Sunday services as well as hosting healing workshops from time to time, while Islington’s Prayer Link is a network of caring people who pray in confidence for anyone in need because of stressful life events such as failing health, unemployment, broken relationships or loneliness. 

Those going through a life crisis or who need more intense, confidential one-on-one Christ-centred support can receive support from one of our Stephen Ministers, lay members who have received special training and walk with those in need.

Our Care Ministries are faithfully managed by our Pastoral Care Committee which oversees and supports Islington care programs.    

You can learn more about our caring ministries by visiting our Care Ministries under the Get Involved tab of this site or by clicking on the name of any group for more information.  

Spiritual Exploration

Islington United is a learning church with groups to help people at all stages in their spiritual journey explore and develop their understanding of God, Christian Faith and the importance of Christianity in today’s complex world. Our Bible Study Group can help deepen your understanding and practices of your faith by exploring the Bible with Church ministers, Church staff and lay leaders. Our Lunch and Learn lecture series offers soup and a sandwich followed by an entertaining and thought provoking speaker. We have three You Groups (held at different times) where women get together to explore, grow and develop their spirituality. Prayer and Meditation meets twice a month and lets participants explore their faith through prayer, scripture and guided meditation. And our Connecting the Dots Workshop can help you to identify your spiritual gifts and appreciate God’s vision for your life.

You can also take part in our Lenten Studies group to find new meaning in Lent, the season of contemplation and preparation, participate in our enriching Week of Guided Prayer (like a retreat in the city), where you can undertake an intentional program of daily prayer with a trained faith companion or attend Islington’s Women’s Day Retreat to explore and renew yourself in the fellowship of other women.

Certain stages of life offer unique spiritual opportunities. That is why we offer our Baptism Seminar to help parents, children and adults to prepare for the holy sacrament of Baptism; our Confirmation Preparation Program, a year long course for confirmands for this important affirmation of faith; and our Marriage Preparation Program, a two day course to help engaged and newlywed couples to develop a loving, supportive and fulfilling partnership.  

You may feel called to volunteer as a Sunday School Teacher in our Discovery Quest Sunday School Program or serve on our Faith Formation Team to help develop our many faith development programs.

At Islington we consider spiritual growth to be one of our most sacred priorities as together we seek to discover, explore and develop our spirituality in Christ’s name. You can learn more about our spiritual exploration opportunities by visiting our Spiritual Exploration Ministries under the Get Involved tab of this site or by clicking on the name of any group for more information. 

Worship Ministries

Islington United offers a wide range of Worship Options as worship is one of the most important parts of Church Life. Many find taking an active role in our worship services can add significance and meaning to the worship experience. For example, you can help out with our Sunday worship as part of our Ushering Team, greet people as they arrive for service on our Greeter Team or read from the lectern as part of our Reader’s Guild. Our Arts and Environment (A&E) Committee decorates our Church while our Sound Crew manages our Church sound system. You can join our Worship Committee and work along with the ministers and lay leaders to develop engaging worship experiences, serve on our Communion Committee to assist with this sacrament on communion Sundays or become part of our Funerals and Memorials Committee to help with these special services.

You can learn more about Islington’s Worship Ministries by visiting Worship Ministries under the Get Involved tab of this site or by simply clicking on the name of any group for more information.  

Social Justice & Outreach

The practice of a Christian life extends well beyond our Church doors. That is why Islington United is engaged in a wide range of initiatives to help our local community, our country and our foreign missions. Our Mabelle Food Program, operated in conjunction with the Daily Bread Food Bank, provides food packages to low income households in our community. When food is required in an emergency, Islington’s Food Pantry is there to help. Our Christmas Ministry prepares packages of food and supplies through our Christmas Ministry program to help families with the unique needs of the Christmas season. Islington also participates in All Saints Anglican’s Out Of The Cold program to provide hot, nourishing meals to Toronto’s homeless twice during the winter months.

Our Refugee Support Ministry is a dedicated group that plans, fund-raises, advocates and provides hand-on support to bring families to Canada from trouble spots throughout the world. Our Livingwaters Zambia Well Drilling Program finances the drilling of wells in African villages to provide life-giving water.

Our Affirm Ministry ensures that everyone feels welcome at Islington United regardless of age, race, gender, education, economic status, gender expression and physical and mental ability. Our Interfaith Circle helps builds relationships between our church and other religions through lectures, dialogue, and interfaith worship experiences. And our Right Relations Circle explores ways to promote and embrace the recommendations of the 2015 Truth and Reconciliation Commission (TRC) report.  

You can learn more about our Outreach Ministries activities by visiting Social Justice & Outreach under the Get Involved tab of this site or by simply clicking on the name of any group for more information.

Music Ministries

When people visit Islington for the first time they are often amazed by the range and quality of our many choirs and musical ensembles for music is an important part of Church Life at Islington. We are blessed with a wide range of choirs including our amazing Senior Choir (arguably one of the best in the city), our energetic and inspirational Youth Choir and our heartwarming Junior Choir. We have two Hand Bell Choirs, our Junior Bell Choir for children 7 to 12 and the Islington Bell Choir that augment our Sunday worship services. Our Chime Ministry calls our community to Sunday service through our Church carillon. Our Christmas String Ensemble creates inspirational ambiance during our special Christmas Candle Light Service. Our musical talent is frequently showcased in Islington’s many concerts held throughout the year. And the Don Banks Music Awards competition encourages young musicians, 10 or older, in their love of music. Church Life at Islington is certainly enriched by music.

All of our musical programs are faithfully managed by our Music Committee which promotes and supports the musical expression of worship, musical education and outreach for Islington United.

You can learn more about our Music Ministries by visiting Music Ministries under the Get Involved tab of this site or by simply clicking on the name of any group for more information.  

Service At Islington

A church the size of Islington requires many helping hands to offer compelling worship services, genuine hospitality, maintain and enhance our facilities and responsibly manage our resources. That is why we are so grateful that so many within our Church have come forward to support our activities and facilities.  

For example, if you are good in the kitchen (and even if you're not) you may want to get involved with our Hospitality Committee. If you prefer office work why not join our Office Volunteer Team who help run our Church Office. Our Facilities Committee looks after our Church home while our award-winning Green Team ensures that we are environmentally conscience in all that we do. Our Library Committee manages the Church library and archives. The Rummage Sale Team organizes our annual rummage sale which raises money to support the United Church’s Mission and Service as well as Islington’s many outreach programs. Our Website Working Group manages the Church website while the Spiritual Engagement Team develops promotional materials and programs to spread the good news about Islington and its programs to the community.

Our Elders are dedicated Church Leaders who ensure that we maintain personal connections throughout our Faith Family and with visitors. The Loaves and Fishes Team manages the financial health of our Church while our Board of Trustees faithfully stewards the Church Heritage Fund and Ministry and Personnel Committee is responsible for all paid staff within the Church. We also have members who serve as Presbytery Representatives to link Islington United with other churches in South West Presbytery. Together the chairs of many of these committees meet as Church Council to faithfully govern the affairs of Islington.

You can learn more about Service at Islington by visiting Service at Islington under the Get Involved tab of this site or by simply clicking on the name of any group for more information.  

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