• 1818

    The church that came to be known as Islington United Church was established about 1818 as a Methodist society in what was then the settlement of Mimico on the Dundas highway. For several years the local Methodists met in their homes, probably with lay preachers.

  • 1823

    The Methodist Society in the settlement (originally called Mimico after the nearby creek) became one of the 30 preaching points covering nine churches in the Methodist Toronto Circuit, which was an offshoot of Adelaide Street Methodist Church. Thomas Demorest was the first “circuit rider” or “saddlebag preacher.”

  • 1843

    By 1843, the congregation had outgrown the school and decided to build a church on the east side of the Burying Ground on land donated by Amasa Wilcox. The church was originally known as the Wilcox Methodist Chapel. It was a simple frame structure covered in roughcast stucco and it seated about 200 people. At this time each family had their own pew which they paid for on a quarterly bases.

  • 1887

    In 1885, the congregation called its first minister, Reverend William John Barkwell. With his leadership a larger church was built as the small rural hamlet of Islington grew. This was a tremendous act of faith for a congregation of 34 families. The new church became known as the "Red Brick Church” and was erected on the south side of Dundas Street just east of Cordova Avenue for a cost of $8,175. Two years later, the minister’s residence was built next door.

  • 1925

    In 1925 the Methodist Church of Canada joined with the Presbyterian Church and Congregational Church and Islington Methodist Church became Islington United Church. At that time, the little Red Brick Church had a chunky steeple. But an electrical storm shattered the steeple in 1926 and it was then converted to a tower (an act of God?) Everyone agreed this greatly enhanced the appearance of the Church.

  • 1947

    After World War II the population of Islington Village increased rapidly and a larger church was needed. Construction started in 1947 under the guidance of Rev. Stewart B. East. The sanctuary of our Church was completed in 1949 and cost about $300,000. In 1955, a wing adjacent to the Sanctuary was added to accommodate a Chapel, space for social gatherings, classrooms for children and offices as the needs of the congregation grew.

  • 1965

    With Church membership swelling, and especially the number the youth due to the post war baby boom, Islington added a new Youth Centre which eventually became known as Stewart East Hall. This greatly expanded the Church to include a gymnasium, classrooms and meeting rooms to address the needs of our larger congregation. At that time over 1,000 children attended Sunday School each week.

  • 1993

    1993 was a busy time for Islington as we began to modernize our governance and introduce small group ministries under the guidance of our new Senior Minister, Rev. Mark Aitchison. As a result, the number of groups, and especially our outreach programs, increased dramatically during the 90's at Islington.

  • Today

    Islington United thrives today with a vibrant congregation and over 60 groups active in the life of our Church, our local community and our mission fields. We invite you to come and get involved in our almost 200 years of Christian ministry in the village of Islington.

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